Today we are also not seeing any new product appear suddenly as has happened during the first half of this week, but we have some more discreet novelty. Apple Music has redesigned the interface of its sections to explore content, simplifying navigation.

In this new design, the playlists of the best hits of the moment stand out much more, so at the moment it looks like a selection of playlists that will change depending on the day and the moment in which we find ourselves. The novelty is spreading through all the user accounts while you are reading this.

Steps prior to Monday’s preparations?

Now there are also more playlists created by the service experts, and there is a new section dedicated exclusively to the new songs and albums of the moment. The categories of moods, genres and music videos (among others) are included in the ‘Explore More’ section.

Curiously, the link to see the TV and film sections that were in Apple Music has disappeared, and it is impossible not to think that this design change could be a previous step to the launch of the series and film service that the company is going to present to us next Monday. Since Cupertino many things are being polished, and it is noticed that they consider the next keynote as something that is going to be important in the history of the apple bite.