Although Apple Music has been with us for a few years now, it really is still a “new” service with many features that you can add. In one of the points where it has improved constantly is in the customization and recommendations. Now the service has started to show even more personalized content for each user in the ‘For you’ section.

As indicated from 9to5mac, Apple Music now displays custom and theme-based playlists. These new playlists are based on the user’s play history and especially on the artists they have recently listened to. There are interesting new categories such as ‘Starting Early’ or ‘To Make You Smile’. All of them are different in each user according to their tastes and preferences.

The constant evolution of ‘Para ti’ (For you)

This change in Apple Music isn’t the only one we’ve had since its launch a few years ago. The app has been adding for example new custom lists that are updated regularly. For example ‘Mix: friends’ or ‘Mix: chill’. We’ve also seen recently how Apple is hiring artists to make custom album art for each playlist.

The new recommendations seem to be coming gradually to all users, so if you still don’t see anything new in your Apple Music, it’s just a matter of days. Be that as it may, it is certainly interesting to see that the development of this service has not been finished by Apple, but we continue and will continue to get new features.