We have good news for Beyonce’s followers! Finally, the artist’s album ‘Lemonade’ will no longer be exclusive to the Tidal platform. This means that, after its release 3 years ago, Apple Music users will be able to access the song conglomerate on April 23rd.

That’s why, in addition to being available on iTunes for purchase, now people who subscribe to Apple Music will be able to see this BeyoncĂ© album in the catalogue. In order to enjoy it, users will have to listen to the audio of the movie of the same name that was presented jointly to the album and where all the songs are.

The release of ‘Lemonade’ on Apple Music marks the third anniversary of the film’s HBO debut. It’s also the first time that the entire Beyonce catalog is available for broadcast.

An exclusive Tidal album will reach other platforms
In 2016 Benyoncé released the album Lemonade, an album that is only available today on Tidal to listen to via streaming. However, the Apple user who wanted to listen to it had to go to iTunes to buy it, where it has been on sale since its release.

Lemonade’ is a 65-minute album with guest appearances by The Weeknd, Jack White, Kendrick Lamar and James Blake. All Apple Music subscribers will be able to listen to it from next Tuesday.