Some time ago Apple opened a little more its Apple Music service for third parties to integrate into their apps. With this opening we have seen websites with unofficial players that work entirely with Apple Music. But why not do it with an app? The developer @tanmays has done it, and his Soor app is spectacular.

Soor is a new app available in the App Store. It’s a music player that has full support for Apple Music and therefore can play any song as long as we connect our Apple Music account. In my case, I knew from the first day I tried it that I wasn’t going to use the official app anymore. I’ve been using it for several months and I reaffirm, Apple Music enjoys this app a lot more.

An immersive, dark-mode interface

The main peculiarity of Soor and advantage over Apple Music is its interface, after all it will not make the songs better or worse. Soor has an interface totally different from the one used by Apple, much more immersive and with functions and animations that make the user experience better. Each icon has an animation, there is a kind of equalizer animating the playback screen, it works based on “layers” that overlap in the app… it’s best to try it to check everything that comes with it.

But if there’s something worth using this app for, it’s its glorious dark mode. The app has a total of three themes, where the red orange color is the driver. However, we can modify the theme so that the predominant color is white, a dark gray or a pure black. The app also has numerous gestures and small details that you discover with use. For example by sliding up, when you get to the beginning you can automatically “press” the search button or the settings button, just by sliding the screen really.

The other functions of Soor

The app is not only a nice interface, it also has its own options such as more accurate searches in Apple Music. There is nothing that hates Apple Music more than how badly it finds the content. In Soor it is easier to filter it by album, author, title or universal. Another curious detail is that it has integration with Musixmatch, so it not only shows you the lyrics of the song being played, but also highlights live the part being played.

On the other hand, I especially liked the drag-and-drop gestures. We can select individual lists, albums or songs to change the order of playback in the playback queue. But also when selecting these items there are a series of options at the bottom to mark them as “I like”, add them to playlists or add them to the play queue among other things.

The Worthwhile Alternative to Music

Maybe it’s because it’s an app with a totally different design, maybe it’s because it leaves aside the design used by Apple for years, maybe it’s because of the gestures it brings… the fact is that I can’t stop using Soor now that I know it. It’s an app that can really replace iOS Music, not like other apps that only show local or downloaded songs. Here we have an (almost) total integration with Apple Music.

Almost total because Soor effectively has some limitations to keep in mind. The Apple Music API doesn’t allow some details such as deleting songs from the library or viewing the ‘Mix: Friends’ playlist (the other three custom playlists are). The other limitations are found in the playlists, which can not change their name, change the order of the songs or remove songs from them. Beyond not having ‘Mix: Amigos’, the rest in my case is irrelevant.

Soor is available in the App Store for a total price of 10,99 euros. No in-app purchases or subscription. My recommendation is to give it a chance, if you have to put a hiccup is that you do not have an app for iPad.