Today, the official music player of Android is Google Play Music, although the winds of change have been blowing since 2014 with YouTube Music and especially since the idea transmuted to YouTube Music. But it could not be forever, after digging into the APK of the last update, 9to5Google has found clues that YouTube Music could end up being the music player of Android.

It should be remembered that the development teams of YouTube Music and Google Play Music have been combined for a couple of years. Both applications have a similar purpose (listening to music) but under a different premise. In fact, Google Play Music subscriptions also serve YouTube Music, at least in some countries.

There can only be one: Will YouTube Music?

Specifically, the tracks found by 9to5Google are the possibility of adding your own tracks to YouTube Music, something that is present in Google Play Music but is not in the simpler YouTube Music application. This possibility is mentioned in several text strings within the application since November last year.

More interesting is the name of the icon, which seems to allude to a version of YouTube Music preinstalled on the system. For now, it is not one of the apps that are included by default in the Google apps package, but that could change in the future after you have added the necessary functions for it. YouTube Music is still a little green today.

As always, we must walk with lead feet with what we discover from analyzing the guts of an APK. There is nothing confirmed, but it makes sense that sooner or later sanity will prevail and Google will have a single streaming music application for everyone. At present, moreover, the offer is more fragmented because YouTube Music is available in fewer countries than Google Play Music.

Generally we can get an idea of which app goes ahead and which stays in the way by the pace of updates and the effort of them, although in this case both have been updated relatively recently. None of them has the new Google Material Theme, although this does not tell us much at the moment because Google is taking its time and, for example, neither does the YouTube app.